How to Get to Taikoo Hui

Address: 383 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou Opening hours: 10am to 10pm

Car: access to main roads of Tianhe Dist. Metro: connected to Metro Line 3
Taxi: waiting area at north entrance Bus: connected to BRT Station

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Grandma's Home Time Travel

Location: M51

Opening hours: 11am - 9pm

Telephone: (8620) 38894482


Grandma's Home Time Travel

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"Time-travel" of the grandma’s home, present a total different taste.

Even if you are used to the imagination decoration of the grandma’s home,, you will still be shocked by the gorgeous of "Time-travel". "Time-travel" in Guangzhou is totally a perfect summary of the grandma’s home according to the understanding of the restaurant decoration, It takes a lot of emotional energy from design framework to soft decoration, It contains the beauty of JiangNan and The West Lake.. "Time-travel" is no longer just a place to have meals, you really need to walk around and you will find its unique charm!

The food here is also different from other stores of the grandma’s home. Red-Cooked Pork with Abalone, fantastic chicken, East sea yellow croaker with rice cake...... Their good taste attracts diners from all over the world.

Of course, more delicious, you need to slowly taste.

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