How to Get to Taikoo Hui

Address: 383 Tianhe Road, Guangzhou Opening hours: 10am to 10pm

Car: access to main roads of Tianhe Dist. Metro: connected to Metro Line 3
Taxi: waiting area at north entrance Bus: connected to BRT Station

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Location: M17&M18

Opening hours: 10am - 10pm

Telephone: (8620) 3868 2180



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2006年秋/冬季首次推出的:CHOCOOLATE 品牌,将 "mass" 与 "prestige" 的品牌概念完美地结合,从而独创了 "masstige" 的品牌风格。进入:CHOCOOLATE 店铺,目所及处是有趣的店铺环境,而心所感受则是令人情不自禁想喊出“哇!”的惊喜购物体验。

品牌的创立,只为具有远见卓识的您 — 拥有坚定的价值观,不凡的社会地位,多才多艺却脚踏实地,真诚谦逊且尊重原创,追求更美好的生活品质。

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