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383 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

By car

Accessible from the main roads in Tianhe district

By metro:

Level M is connected to Guangzhou Metro Shipaiqiao Station. It’s also adjacent to the Sports Center Station

Opening hours

10am – 10pm

By taxi

Exclusive waiting area on Wenhua Street

By bus

Level M is connected to the BRT Shipaiqiao Station

Service Valet Parking
Taikoo Hui

Inheriting the development and management experience from Swire Properties, Taikoo Hui Guangzhou introduces advanced systems and dependable services to provide the community with excellent large-scale property management, as well as considerate and reliable services.

The Taikoo Hui Guangzhou car park offers a range of services, such as valet parking, electric vehicle charging stations.

Valet parking service charges

RMB 60 for the first two hours; RMB 5 per 15 minutes afterwards, according to the standard Taikoo Hui parking charges.

Supports WeChat, Alipay or cash payment.

Extra charges
Free for Tesla charging

Taikoo Hui Elites Club' s "Luxe" members

Taikoo Hui Elites Club' s "Luxe" members can enjoy free valet parking – visit the valet service counter and present the Taikoo Hui Elites Club member’s vehicle logo (electronic) to enjoy free parking and valet parking services.


Service hours
Monday to Sunday from 11am to 11pm. Please inform the service staff should you require overnight parking.


Taikoo Hui North Gate drop-off area (near the GUCCI store)