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383 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

By car

Accessible from the main roads in Tianhe district

By metro:

Level M is connected to Guangzhou Metro Shipaiqiao Station. It’s also adjacent to the Sports Center Station

Opening hours

10am – 10pm

By taxi

Exclusive waiting area on Wenhua Street

By bus

Level M is connected to the BRT Shipaiqiao Station

Taikoo Hui
Taikoo Hui

Located on the Level MU of the mall is eatog@ther , a collection of top restaurants serving up international specialities, offering guests a rich culinary experience.

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The Garden
Taikoo Hui

Foodies enjoy a wide range of scrumptious choices here at Taikoo Hui Guangzhou, including restaurants from Hong Kong and other cities that opened in Guangzhou for the first time. 

For al fresco dining, head to the mall's garden on L3, which is an outdoor dining space with six distinctive international restaurants.   

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